The home page of the ETA Grantee Products site enables users to browse by product type, activity, target populations, programs, and industry sectors. There is also a keyword search option. This organization facilitates the search function and provides users with access to multiple resources for a broad range of workforce development initiatives.

To maximize the availability of federally funded resources for users, this site contains quality products from a broad array of ETA discretionary grant programs including:

  • Workforce Innovation Fund
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Community-Based Job Training
  • High growth Industry Training
  • Green Jobs Innovation Fund
  • Youth Career Connect
  • Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development
  • Future grant programs

In addition to the products emanating from these ETA competitive grants, the site also contains quality products emanating from ETA programs, Federal partner programs and multiple or unspecified funding streams.

As an additional value-added component for the workforce development community of interest, these curated products align with current ETA priorities:

  • Sector strategies
  • Employer engagement
  • Apprenticeship/work-based learning
  • Real time labor market information
  • Partnerships
  • Career pathways
  • Performance Management
  • Skills Gaps

The potential value of the ETA Grantee Products site to the workforce development community of interest is substantial. The combination of a targeted search function, multiple product sources and alignment with ETA priorities provides users with facilitated access to an array of curated resources that they can replicate, leverage or adapt to support their own priorities and initiatives.